Building wraps

We can completly cover you building or scaffolding in a full colour mesh building wrap.

Recently completed is The Shelbourne Hotel on Dublin's Stephens Green. The project we undertook was the wrapping of The Shelbourne Hotel during its restoration works.

A full scaffolding was to be erected around in the building allowing refurbishment to take place to the façade. However, the client didn’t want to lose its iconic look, nor could it afford to be an eyesore in the centre of Dublin city, while these works too place.

The solution was to wrap the scaffolding in a life size mesh banner, printed with a replica image of the building.

It was a unique project with quite a fast turnaround time, and as the scaffolding was built coming out in front of the bay windows, our design team had to suitably amend the image so that it still maintained a 3D look to the bay windows and overall features.

Once the scaffold was erected, A.D. Design had to survey, make design amendments, print, finish and install the banner within 3 days. The installation was carried out at night due to its busy location in Stephens Green.

As you can see from the photo’s, it was a very successful project and has been quite the talking point in Dublin.  Both the contractor and the client are delighted with the end product and on completion of this phase, a second elevation will be wrapped so the restoration works can continue.