The Berlin Collection

Well thought out and individual, particular flexibility and a wide range of variations are the attributes of the Berlin collection.


The comprehensive collection of posts and wall brackets makes simple individual solutions for varying uses possible. Besides standard panels, labelling brackets with a material thickness of 3 to 16 mm can be installed. The choice of shapes and materials such as aluminium, stainless steel or acrylic thereby are unlimited.

The well thought out yet simple design allows uncomplicated and time-saving updates of the labelling brackets.

• aluminium

• endless combinations

• wide range of sizes

• illumination

The Cliptrick Collection

Colourful and diverse. With CLIP TRICK the name says everything: The diversity of colours and versions, ease of installation and sunny appearance are the persuasive advantages of this system. Floors, departments or functional areas can be denoted by different colours, making them easily comprehensible even for children and the more elderly. CLIP TRICK fastening elements are available in 16 different standard colours.

• variable

• easy to assemble

• simple to update

The Frankfurt Collection

Versatile and consistent. FRANKFURT convinces with its convex form in all variations: whether indoor or outdoor stands, wall and ceiling guides or banners: the design concept remains the same. The thin border made of aluminium anodized in silver underlines the whole appearance.

For particularly important information there are indoor stands with illumination. This collection is easily recognizable by its arched structure.


• aluminium

• convex

• paper flexible


With the product series FRANKFURT the inscription is easily replaced using paper inserts.



Frankfurt Projecting Sign     



The Galerie Collection

Modern and precise GALERIE is the perfect solution for all properties in which the architecture requires discreetness and fi ne understatement. The outdoor and indoor stands, the wall plates and ceiling hangers have a tasteful look and are perfectly matched. The materials used are glass or acrylic in connection with stainless steel. Necessary information updates are carried out easily by swapping the transparencies between the layers.


  •  glass and stainless steel
  •  transparency
  •  sandwich construction


The versatile fixing elements made of stainless steel with the sophisticated, stylish technology and elegant materials result in a noble look.





















The Madrid Collection

Unobtrusive and specific the MADRID collection is particularly suited to individual needs. Even outdoors the MADRID pillars are the right choice no matter whether in vertical or horizontal. The main feature of the charming frame is continued indoors with indoor stands, wall guides and ceiling hangers. Paper flexible doorplates and guides attain an aesthetic and unobtrusive appearance through a particularly filigree aluminium frame.


  • aluminium
  • elegant design
  • individual solutions


The special editions "Black Line" and "Gold Line" make MADRID the ultimate orientation and information system of modern day times.









The Maxi-Mini Collection

Simple and functional Functional provision of information at low cost is the key feature of this classic in non-refl ecting plastic offers. MAXI is the ideal solution for environments in which the signs are updated on a regular basis.


For this purpose, 5 different formats and numerous colour alternatives are available.

  • simple and functional

  • paperflex system




The Maxway Collection

Clear and classic MAXWAY is for use in all situations. Outdoor stands can be provided with panels or continuous inscriptions with or without illumination. The plastic panels that can be combined in any fashion as well as the finishing rails in 17 standard colours offer a wide range of indoor combinations.


"Quattro" is used to realize paper flexible doorplate making. In this case the colour can be defined by the use of finishing rails or foil inserts. The integrated anti-theft device is a singular feature.



  • modular panels
  • plastic
  • paper flexible


The Orlando Collection

High quality and elegance from the doorplate to the outdoor stand – the lightly arched front characterizes all elements of the ORLANDO collection. Whether outdoor or indoor stands, floor directories, ceiling hangers, banners or doorplates: ORLANDO is always an elegant and particularly representative eye catcher. Information is quickly and simply updated and replaced with the refined door mechanism.


  • aluminium
  • convex
  • paper flexible
  • user friendly







The Oslo Collection

Timeless and striking OSLO convinces with design and functionality. OSLO gets its particular character through the stainless steel holders which serves the purposes of assembling and attaching the inserts and cover simultaneously in an elegant fashion. In order to round off the system, doorplates mounted on the wall and signposts as well as banners, ceiling hangers and table stands are available.


As with all other collections, the labelling can be equipped with Braille or tactile writing.

  • aluminium and stainless steel

  • paper flexible

  • easy to assemble

Made to measure blank inlays and preprepared inscription data make the changing of information child’s play.




The Rio Collection

Timeless and discreet a tasteful greeting already awaits the visitor. The use of brushed inscription surfaces in stainless steel look as well as the availability of stands in vertical or horizontal format leaves nothing to be desired. The continuation indoors is ensured by indoor stands, wall guides and ceiling hangers built in the same way. Stainless steel – reduced to the essentials – is the basis for paper flexible indoor signs:

A frameless information carrier for every particularly demanding architectural solution.

  • stainless steel
  • frameless look
  • paper flexible

As with all collections, updating
information can be carried out quickly
and cost effectively by the user.







The Sydney Collection

Floating and avant-garde SYDNEY appears to float from the wall. The main route guide, suitable for both indoors and outdoors, fascinates with its round shape. The paper flexible indoor signs are refined eye-catchers: their unilateral wall fixtures made of anodized aluminium and their asymmetric form with a lightly arched carrier plate leave a marked accent.


Thus, the collection is a conspicuous element of contemporary architectural concepts.

  • aluminium
  • asymmetric
  • paper flexible






The Torino Collection


More than just an eye-catcher TORiNO is an information system that is not only visible but also noticeable. A colour-intensive titanium grey soft-paint coating on the sign holder ensures a particularly elegant matte look. The haptic of the wall adapter in connection with the safety glass is characteristic and entirely new. Naturally TORiNO is more than that: as with all collections the consistency is not limited to the indoors with doorplates, guides, ceiling hangers, banners and indoor pillars.
The TORiNO outdoor stand rounds off the appearance and sets a particular mark at the start.

  • Velvety adapter
  • transparency
  • particularly high quality