Braille and Tactile Signs

Braille Signs & Tactile Signs can be produced in both contrasting plastics and metals which can be tailored to your individual needs.

A Braille Sign does not have to look like the image below that everybody sees in every hospital! We have a huge range of wayfinding sign systems that bring braille & tactile signs to a new level!

The 2004 disability discrimination act sets out strict guidelines and insists that all organisations need to ensure that signs in public places do not discriminate against the visually impaired. This legislation means that Schools, Colleges, leisure centres and all other government buildings with public access must conform to the new legislation.

Retro fitting Braille to existing wayfinding signs.

Transparent films can be embossed with braille and tactile lettering and can then be placed on almost any surface like handrails, glass, stainless steel, plexiglas or even painted signs. This can work out a hell of allot cheaper than manufacturing a completly new sign system.