AD Curve Projecting Signs

AD Curve – Projecting Signs

A special set of extruded caps let you modify the AD Curve system to create customised projecting signs. Each sign has two faces that curve out in a gentle arc to deliver your information in dynamic style. The clear faces are made from thin polycarbonate  that stops glare and makes your sign more legible. Faces come in portrait and landscape formats and in widths of 100, 150, 214 and 300mm.

Because the fronts are removable you have the flexibility to update your signs instead of replacing them. If you frequently need to change your sign info you can slot paper inserts behind the faces. For longer term display we apply vinyl graphics to the faces or permanently print them for you.

Once assembled, your new projecting sign fixes flush to the wall on hidden keyhole fixings for a sleek and stylish finish. To create more contrast between sign and wall you can add a feature surround.

The aluminium frames come with a silver anodised finish as standard or you can colour-match them as desired by powdercoating with paints from the RAL and BS ranges.