AD Curve Wall Signs

AD Curve – Wall Signs

AD Curve fits neatly to walls to provide wayfinding information in seven different portrait and landscape formats (from 50 mm to 600 mm wide). The slim frame and end-caps maximise the surface area for your graphics. And hidden fixings give your signs a clinical and contemporary finish.

The beauty of the system is that you have complete control over what you display. You simply print your own sign content on a paper insert and slot it behind the clear protective cover. If ever you want to update the sign you just repeat the process. Or, if you want a sign that never needs changing, we can brand the faces with vinyl graphics. You can also cover half the face with a slider panel to show when a room is IN USE or VACANT.

To install your AD Curve system we use a special CLIC-LOC bracket. Once we drill-fix this slim extrusion your sign hooks over it, perfectly flush and locked in place. Or, we can use adhesive pads to fit your signs to surfaces you can’t drill, such glass.

End caps are totally customisable. Choose between black ABS plastic or silver anodised aluminium finishes as standard or personalise your signs with colour-matched powdercoated paints.