Braille Signs and Tactile Signs

Braille and Tactile Signs

In 2010, building regulations in Ireland were amended to promote “the design of an accessible and inclusive built environment”. To comply with the Part M amendments we provide a range of signs that display “all key location information… in tactile form”.

In line with guidelines, we emboss characters on the sign face and slightly round their profiles so words are pleasing to the touch and not sharp.


This elegant and sophisticated design features a composite aluminium panel within a slimline frame. The panel, frame and text can be printed in any colour or left as silver aluminium. The tactile characters are 3D-printed with UV-cured inks so they are integrated with the backing panel to withstand constant use.

Curved Face

This well known sign is seen by thousands of people every day in healthcare centres around Ireland. Tactile and braille characters are printed onto a clear panel that flexes into grooved aluminium extrusions. If your business needs to constantly change room titles we offer a format that displays paper inserts.

Cast metal

This is the ultimate in tactile signs, forged in one piece from solid bronze, brass or aluminium. The text is embossed and polished for high contrast with the dark backing plate. Choose from a range of backplate textures and borders to personalise your sign.

Braille retrofits

If your existing wayfinding system is not Part M-compliant and you don’t have the budget to replace all your signs we can still help you. A special printing technique allows us to emboss tactile characters on transparent decals that can be applied to glass, acrylic and stainless steel surfaces.