Expert Advice

Think about the last time you walked into a new building. Did you feel slightly unsure? A little wary? Chances are you instinctively looked about you for guidance, for a friendly sign to point you in the right direction and make you feel at ease. This is wayfinding.

Wayfinding is a mix of art and science. Designing creative ways to present directions is the artistic part. The scientific part is to decide how many signs you need and where they should be placed. Our team helps you get the balance right.

Starting from outside in, our wayfinding experts help you define the routes to and through your site that make everything flow. We study your location at macro and micro scale, mapping key decision points to propose a comprehensive signage plan that takes you all the way from skyline signs to desk tags.

Draw on insights from scores of wayfinding projects for companies like HSE Ireland, AIB and Dublin Airport Authority to develop a signage package that is inclusive, Part M-compliant and future proof.