Plaques and Nameplates


Create a sense of arrival and show visitors around in style with solid metal wayfinding plaques. Forged from brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel or aluminium, these gleaming metal nameplates are guaranteed to inspire confidence. And because each plaque is unique you can personalise yours with a whole range of special techniques and finishes.

Embossed Graphics
Communicate accessibility and sustainability with this sign format. Polished text stands out in relief from a dark background for a dramatic contrast that gets you noticed. The bright text is easy to see from distance and, because it is tactile, it can also be read by the visually-impaired. These stylish and hard-wearing are also kind to the environment. Made from 97% recycled content they are LEED-certified by the US Green Building Council.

Etched Graphics
Create a lasting impression by engraving text and images into solid metal, just as you would personalise a watch or ring. After permanently etching a plaque with your artwork we fill the recessed surfaces with paint. Choose from a standard colour range or specify custom paints to suit your brand.

Line Art

We reproduce images as well as text on our metal wayfinding plaques. Working from vector-based line drawings we can emboss and etch logos, icons, pictograms and even photographs in fine detail. Though best installed inside a building, artistic nameplates can be modified for use outdoors.

Photo Etched
Halftone images resemble newspaper photos – look closely and you see the dots that make up the picture. Using a similar process we can reproduce a photographic image in metal – we etch dots into a satin plaque then fill them with black ink. Use high contrast images with bright white areas, dense black areas and minimal grey tones for remarkable results.


Choose from these border styles and frame your nameplates with a bright metal trim for extra stand out.


Personalise your plaques with a variety of finishes, from smooth and polished to coarse grained and weathered. No two patinas are identical, and they change over time, so every nameplate is one-of-kind. Nouveau Patina is a finish that is specifically designed for outdoor use, created by powdercoating the metal plate with a copper-flake additive that weathers like paint.