Sign Planning Checklist

When we map out a wayfinding strategy we consider the full spectrum of sign types. Use this list as a guide to identify the signs that are essential to your business.


Exterior Signs

  • Building name / brand logo – freestanding or mounted to facade
  • Monument sign
  • Building address (often required by Fire Dept for emergency)
  • Entrance Plaque / Nameplate (at pedestrian eye level)
  • House Rules sign (No smoking / food and drink / ball games)
  • Operating Hours
  • Delivery / Goods In entrance
  • Directional signs (point to key entrances and services)
  • Disabled access
  • Donor recognition or building dedication cornerstone

Parking & Traffic Signs

  • Car Park and Reserved Spaces
  • Traffic Directions
  • Parking fees and rules
  • Disabled access parking

Interior Signs

  • Directory Sign – Main Entrance (company / department / personnel listings)
  • Directory Sign – Individual Floor (departments / services)
  • Direction nameplates (point to services, eg lifts, toilets, canteen, lounge)
  • Welcome sign – Reception Desk / Information Station
  • Reception Desk logo (on face of desk)
  • Desk signs (receptionist name / desk open / ring bell)
  • Suggestion / Feedback signboard
  • Calendar of Events signboard
  • Floor numbers
  • Room signs
  • Conference room ID with slider ((vacant / in use)
  • Workstation tags
  • Restrooms ID
  • Informative signs (e.g. instructions for computers, copiers)
  • House Rules signs (No access / smoking / food and drink)
  • Emergency Doors ID
  • Code, Regulatory And Universal Access signs
  • Accessible facility maps (showing lifts, room numbers, restrooms)
  • Room occupancy / emergency procedures booklet
  • Stair code sign
  • Evacuation map