The Meath Primary Care Centre is a modern healthcare facility that serves one of Dublin’s busiest city districts. Patients can avail of a full suite of care services under one roof – within the Centre there are three GP practices, specialist health and physiotherapy clinics, a dentist, a pharmacy, and diagnostic services. With so many functions in one place a good wayfinding system is essential.

We worked from the outside in. Skyline signs and an outdoor totem make it easy to pick out the site in a sea of red-bricked buildings on Bride Street. Entrance directories start to orient visitors before they move inside to the main lobby where a range of hanging and projecting signs point people to the right receptionist. Then, as you move into the main care areas, floor directories, braille and tactile plaques and door signs give you directions.

The indoor wayfinding is a good example of our AD Pro system in practice. The Care Centre chose the slimline system with anodised silver frames which we customised with bespoke prints on composite aluminium faces.